About Us

After numerous glances at Graduates standing at street corners and at busy intersections asking
for assistance regarding securing interviews.
It struck a nerve, one that wanted to build a new
norm in South Africa.

What is Gradznet

GradzNet is a professional platform for   recently graduated candidates that do not poses the working experience   required by most businesses to offer employment. This platform offers   the opportunity for candidates to showcase their theoretical knowledge   and gain practical experience by seeking employment in a form of an   internship, volunteer , part-time or full time work opportunities.

This network is the best platform for candidates   across all demographic and educational background.

 No   graduate should be standing at the traffic lights requesting for an   interview.  The platform is free, easy, offers personal assistance to all its candidates.

Africa’s most valuable assets are its graduates and an unemployed graduate is a waste of money and skill.


FOUNDER: Thembi Ngwenya

Our Vision

  • To introduce a new normal to the work force:
  • A mandatory Graduate intake in all organizations;
  • An easy, no hassle graduate sourcing process;
  • A sourcing process that provides pre and post placement support to both candidates and employers;
  • A paperless, seamless digital process.

  • To decrease the costs of Graduates sourcing as to maximise the intake of Graduates.


 How we came about?

“It was all a dream, I used to read Word up magazine with Salt & Peppa on the cover of the magazine”- credit to Notorious BIG. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that glam. Actually, it was through sadness that the need to come up with a way to provide assistance to Graduates came about. As Africans we have come a long way from tertiary education being a dream …to being a required action. If that is the case, why does one have to struggle to find work after working so hard to complete the qualification. When we are in need of crucial skills and qualifications in ALL our business.

Seeing a young lady holding a board at a traffic stop,   begging for assistance is not a scene that one should look forward to. It doesn’t matter which skill you possess, qualification, background – lack of information will be your disadvantage. Thus, a platform like this is born.

Our Services

This network is the best platform for candidates without working experience in any field.  The platform is ONLY for people that have 2 years and less work experience and are aiming to link up with new opportunities.

Advertise a job

Advertising of your job post min period of 28 business days

CV search

Subscribe to get access to all the Graduate profiles on our portal

Recruiter profiles

Post recruiter profiles for Company branding purposes

Temp Search

Provision of graduates and unemployed youth for short term projects

Graduate Recruitment

Resourcing of Graduates/ unemployed youth for specific roles with Gradznet handling the process from beginning to end.

For Agencies

Providing customized resourcing for contract vacancies: Contact us directly to find out more: Email: recruit@gradznet.com

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