Jabulani Ramonotsi

  1. My name is Jabulani Ramonotsi. I hold an LLB degree with University of
    Johannesburg. It would do an injustice to this letter if I omitted a brief description of
    the person I am.
  2. In short, I am an ambitious, confident, compassionate, enthusiastic, friendly,
    innovative, polite and a reserved individual. Furthermore, I am a calm and open-
    minded person who always copes considerably well in stressful situations.
  3. With regards to tasks and duties in my responsibility, I always employ my best in
    everything I undertake to perform. A combination of all of these traits has honed and
    kept my team membership skills intact.
  4. I am passionate about the Law and I am
    always eager to learn new ways to improve the Law.
  5. While at University, I acquired abilities and skills that I would like to practice further
    and are extremely important in my endeavour to being a seasoned attorney,
    especially in the field of Private Law and Tax Law. These skills include, but are not
    limited to, communication skills, both written and oral; computer skills, including
    Microsoft Office particles as well as typing; drafting skills encompassing Summons
    and Notices and other relevant court documents; interpretation of the Law;
    knowledge of the Law; research skills as well as general office routine skills.
    Employing these skills to add value to your office would leave me thoroughly
    satisfied. I am well fit for a career in law and I am aware of the different aspects and
    elements to keep me busy. I enjoy variety and challenge.
  6. In respect of key academic projects, my highlights were the completion of my articles
    with the Legal Aid South Africa and being a student advisor at the University of
    Johannesburg Law Clinic under the module Applied Legal Studies. These
    assignments were nothing short of fascinating and inspirational since they gave me
    an insight into what I loved and needed to become.
  7. The course Applied Legal Studies, harnessed and improved largely on my computer
    skills, consultation skills, research skills, writing skills, numeracy skills and team member skills. At the Clinic, I dealt with actual clients that met the requirements of a
    means test and had legal problems limited to contractual Law, divorce Law as well
    as social security Law. Another important aspect was that I grew to relate to people
    from different social and economic backgrounds and this in itself is a great assert
    and did so in an environment that was extremely professional. The course Applied
    Legal Studies also aided me greatly in knowing what Ethics are and their
    importance. These skills would then be enhanced by my appointment as a
    Candidate Attorney with the Legal Aid.
    In this regard we represented, and defended clients’ rights, in both Criminal and Civil
    Law. In defending our clients, we had to research and apply relevant Law relating to our clients’ matter. In doing so, we had to adhere to all the legal rules for service of
    court documents having regard to time constraints for service. Furthermore, we had
    to draft relevant documents and notices. These tasks were all in pursuance of
    defending our client in a trial court.
  8. My good interpersonal skills and dedication to help others resulted in great success
    as Student Peer Buddy Assistant volunteer at the University. This programme was
    largely concerned with the wellbeing of applicants and newly-registered student. In
    realising this, volunteers had to assist the students locate various facilities in and
    around the campus, assist with registration processes, assist students with finding
    accommodation and provide guidelines on effective studying and coping with stress.
    I had huge success in helping students in this regard and went an extra mile when it
    was necessary. Most of the students I assisted have since graduated and are doing
    extremely well in their respective fields.
    My qualifications, achievements and skills combined with my enthusiasm to learn
    should make me a cut above the rest in excelling any field relating to Law. I would
    love an opportunity to meet with you and discuss this further.
    I am available for an interview at your convenience.


  • administrative
  • drafting
  • litigation
  • Presentation
  • research



Llb (Bachelor of Laws) at University of Johannesburg



Candidate Attorney at Legal Aid South Africa

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