Smangele Nhlapo


Accounting and Finance related professions

South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg

I am a person who has a strong personality of which I see myself as an assertive person and possess strong leadership and resilience qualities, when I get something done it has to be properly executed but I love honest, precise and constructive criticism from any individual that will be monitoring me throughout a certain role I have to play in a company. I am an ambivert (a combination of an extroverted and introverted person). I enjoy being around people, have fun, laugh a lot and just have this positive aura when I am surrounded by different personalities. On the flip side, I like to explore my emotional intelligence in my introverted side, clear my head space, enjoy my own company and self-introspection. It’s a continuous habit that I possess because I don’t want to stop learning about myself and the things that are a significant impact in my life.

I adapt easily to environments (work, social, home) and I am literally annoyed by ignorance. I am an honest person of which I deliver that honesty in a respectable, humble manner. I used to fear change but now I am learning to embrace it, not fear it. When things don’t go my way, I used to panic, especially in career prospects, academic achievements etc. I refuse to let insecurities control my life because insecurities limit your capabilities, insecurities destroy your potential especially from a negative thought process and insecurities hinder your success. It is the human capacity to personify our existence and relate to our fellow man that it makes us a truly distinctive creature.

I am looking for graduate opportunities in accounting and finance from companies that have a high professional capacity to groom me into forward-looking career aspects in accounting and finance. That is what I am hoping to achieve from Gradznet because I am focusing on long-term achievement.


  • • Communication skills and teamwork
  • accountable for my own actions
  • analytical and problem solving skills
  • computer literate
  • listening attentively (I listen to you
  • managing conflict
  • negotiating sills
  • not hear you)
  • planning and organizing skills
  • positive work ethic and competency
  • writing concisely



Bachelor of Accounting at University of Johannesburg

My major subjects were Auditing, Financial Management, Taxation and Accounting.

Any graduate program which exposes to any of the fields pertaining the subjects above will be highly suitable.

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